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Dean Kathy Bakhit Dr. Kathy Bakhit, Dean, Social Science Division          "Our division is committed to furthering the mission of the college and providing students with a high quality education in rich learning environments that embrace diversity and promote a life-long appreciation for learning."

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Phone:  (714) 992-7047

  • February 5th
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Pam Ingles 

Pam Ingles, Division Office Manager

Dina Aguirre, Division Secretary

Dina Aguirre, Division Secretary

Faculty Directory




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Andrus, Angie

Sociology Dept

992-7532 1423-01


Ashenmiller, Josh 
History Dept
992-7508 1424-04  

Balma, Jodi

Political Science Dept.

992-7522 1425-03

Banda, Sergio

Sociology Dept.

992-7533 1425-02

Blanche, Giselle

Sociology Dept.

992-7534 1423-02

Byde, Robert

Psychology Dept.

992-7527 1422-01
Cadena, Maria
Anthropology Dept
992-7496 1423-01

Chiaromonte, Tom

Child Dev.& Educ. Studies Dept.

992-7497 1414-03

Conforti, Daniel

Political Science Dept.

992-7523 1252-05

Dahi, Naji

Political Science Dept.

992-7524 1425-03

DeLeon, Sharon

Child Dev. & Educ. Studies Dept.

992-7498 1414-02

Felender, Julie

Psychology Dept.

992-7528 1422-04
Gonzales, Amber Rose
Ethnic Studies Dept.
992-7504 1424-04  

Grabiel, Susan

Geography Dept.

992-7506 1425-04

Green, Patricia

Child Dev. & Educ. Studies Dept.

992-7499 1414-04

Hanson, Bruce

Philosophy & Religious Studies Dept.

992-7517 1422-02

Holden, Michael

Philosophy & Religious Studies Dept.

992-7518 1422-03

Kyle, Diana

Psychology Dept.

992-7529 1414-04

Lee, Callista

Psychology Dept.

992-7530 1422-04

Lowe, Claudia

Geography Dept.

992-7507 1425-04

Mande, Anupama

History Dept.

992-7510 1424-02

Markley, Karen

Anthropology Dept.

992-7495 1423-02

Mummery, Francis

Economics Dept.

992-7502 1423-03

Negus, Lynne

History Dept.

992-7511 1424-03

Nelson-Wright, Kelly

Sociology Dept.

992-7535 1425-02  

Padilla, Gerald 

Ethnic Studies Dept.

992-7505 1414-01

Reilly, Joe

Political Science Dept.

992-7513 1318-04

Salas, Ricardo

Political Science Dept., Academic Senator for Social Sciences

992-7525 1320-05

Seaton, Derry

Philosophy & Religious Studies Dept.

992-7520 1422-01

Teipe, Emily

History Dept.

992-7514 1320-01

Vanderpool, Jeff

Philosophy & Religious Studies Dept.

992-7521 1422-02

Wolfe, Jeana

Psychology Dept.

992-7531 1424-02

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