Psychology is one of the most exciting scientific fields of study among the social sciences. Psychology is a richly diverse scientific discipline that studies behavior and mental processes. Psychologists are interested in all aspects of behavior ranging from the molecular level to social and cultural factors. The psychology faculty wish you a warm welcome and look forward to sharing this fascinating field with you.

The Psychology Department offers a wide array of interesting courses that provide students a broad overview of the many facets of this academic discipline. A complete list of courses and their descriptions are available on this website. Students can combine these courses in a variety of ways to meet requirements for either an Associate in Arts Transfer (AAT) degree in Psychology or an Associate in Arts (AA) degree in Psychology, meet prerequisites and many lower-division requirements for a minor or major in psychology, meet or supplement requirements for vocational certificated programs, satisfy lower-division general education requirements, and also to pursue their personal interests.

If you have questions about the Psychology program or classes, please contact Jeana Wolfe, the Department Coordinator, either by email or phone at (714) 992-7531

Psychology Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Choose and apply psychological theories and perspectives in order to demonstrate broad knowledge and understanding of the field of psychology.
  2. Critically evaluate and design research studies with sensitivity to ethical principles and social responsibility to be good consumers and producers of scientific information.
  3. Compose effective communication in accordance with professional guidelines to prepare them for success in the field of psychology.