Sociology Club – 2016-17 Club of the Year Award

Welcome to the department of Sociology home page.

Sociology is the systematic, scientific study of society and social behavior. Sociologists look beyond individual events and experiences to the broader social patterns and variables that influence individuals. Sociologists study individual and group behaviors and social structures such as racism, sexism, poverty, health care, family, crime and deviance, population and the environment. An associate’s degree is intended to lead to transfer to colleges and universities which offer bachelor’s degrees in sociology. The sociology major is designed to provide preparation leading to careers in sociology, social work, law, criminal justice, marketing research and counseling.

We offer a variety of courses that will help you meet your transfer requirements as well as satisfy your appetite for knowledge. Our commitment is to provide students with quality education and to offer a variety of courses that reflect our diverse population.

We hope that this page provides you with sufficient information about our department; please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You can direct your questions to our department coordinator, Kelly Nelson-Wright at (714) 992-7535 or email (Email is preferred)