The Economics Department is dedicated to students learning the principles of both microeconomics and macroeconomics. A wide array of students benefit ranging from economics and business majors with transfer goals to those taking a single class with the simple objective of making better personal finance decisions. Students receive exposure to models, tools, and methods of data analysis that lay the foundation for a lifetime of continued learning that help students become more successful learners, more responsible leaders, and more engaged community members.

The Department is committed to student success, retention, and providing a fully-articulated college-level curriculum. The curriculum is designed to promote inquiry and intellectual curiosity. Through the Department’s efforts, students develop an appreciation for the connection between economics and other areas of their lives. The curriculum complements material covered in many other disciplines from mathematics to political science, sociology, psychology, business, and more. Principles, concepts, and insights students gain from the Department’s courses help to foster a life-long appreciation for the power of learning.